You know that person in your life who smells really bad?

Maybe he’s the nice guy at work, your favorite teacher, your roommate or even someone very close to you, like a good friend.

How do you help that person and avoid an awkward conversation?

You could end up hurting that person’s feelings and risking your relationship if you don’t approach this the right way.

You can help that person and stay anonymous by sending our box!

The Wash Ya Self box is customized for this situation. It will help that person out and you can avoid having an awkward conversation.

The Hygiene Box Includes

  • A note letting that person know about his or her body odor.
    (Don’t like our note? You can type your own!)

  • Tips to reduce body odor.

  • Organic Natural Citrus Soap.

  • Bottle of Light Lavender Shampoo.

  • Bottle of Light Lavender Body Lotion.

  • One 100% cotton washcloth.

  • Some sweet Mint candies - so that person isn’t so bitter!
  • Help That Person Out
  • 100% Anonymous
  • Your Chance For Fresh Air
  • Free Shipping To USA

All winter long prices slashed three times cheaper!


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